4 oz Love

2 oz Culture

6 gms Passion

5 tbsp Determination

2 tbsp Innovation

3 tsp Laughter

Combine these ingredients and bake to perfection! Like our recipes, our story is simple but rich.

Growing up in Liberia, I would sit wide-eyed watching my mom decorate homemade birthday cakes and prepare desserts for heads of states. Our rich African traditions left me proud to be her obedient apprentice and eager right hand.

Like my great-grandmother, grandmother, mother and I, the women in my family have all been culinary entrepreneurs; creating traditional, homemade confections as a means for economic independence. Each generation continued to raise the bar until eventually, I carried the baton as a restaurateur and baker in the United States. By providing culinary training and education, RO-ZI is able to help women create a strong and healthy foundation to rise out of poverty.

My life has been a journey through many cultures. At the core, RO-ZI is a collection of heritage recipes strengthened and perfected over 4 generations of strong African women. From there, a fusion of Southern soul food, Latin flair, and European finesse have all influenced our unique offerings.

Baking and cooking is an expression of our journey through lifeand at the intersection of food, culture, and passion is where you’ll find RO-ZI.